Friday, October 12, 2007

Ensure Usability at every stage!

The best way to get good usability & user experience in the product development, whether it's for web or for mobile or even hardware development, is to "keep the user at the core across the whole product development life-cycle".

As the end-user is the heart of all the development any company do, it needs to consider the uncompromisable role of the user in whose hand that product is going to land ultimately. So, ranging from Conceptualization / Ideation phase, till the continuous improvement phase (post product launch), one has to continuously interact with the end-users & need to understand their requirements to develop the best "usable" product.

The above image shows that all the stages of the product development should ensure that usability factor is kept at its heart.

To ensure better user experiences, make sure that the end-user is kept at the center of all the design / development that's happening & such end users are tested as well preferably; so that we get more realistic feedbacks & can improve the product at its best.

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