Saturday, October 13, 2007

What's user experience (UX)?

"User Experience" (often abbreviated as UX) is another core element of all the product development that happens on the web or mobile & other day-to-day life applications / product where the goal is to "satisfy the end-user's needs at its best level attainable".

User Experience (UX here onwards) includes all the aspects of the end-user's interaction with any products / services. UX can be briefly described as the "overall experience a user has when using a particular product / application or any system. UX is a subset of "experience design" which is related to architecture and interaction models which impacts a particular system's or product's end-user.

To create a best user experience, designers or developers should keep the end-user at the core of its product development & should make sure the product or system has the features easily accessible which the end-users are looking for, without any fuss & system meets the user goals & needs effectively.

An effective user experience strategy has many advantages, including the few ones mentioned below:
  • Easy to access applications/ systems
  • Due to exclusion of unnecessary functionality, exact user needs are understood & addressed.
  • Overall usability of the product or application increases dynamically.
  • Integration of business goals effectively as end-users needs are managed well.

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